Joseph Herlant
version 1.0.0, 2014-07-07 : Initial version

1. ACL

First of all, to play with acl, you must naturally have the acl package installed.

Then, to use acl on a file system, you must mount it with the acl options (either in the /etc/fstab or temporarly using mount -o acl,remount /fs).

Commands to use
  • getfacl file01 → Displays the acl of file01

  • setfacl -m u:user01:rx file01 → Allows user01 to read and execute file01 even if he’s neither owner nor in the right group (and that other have no permission on the file). -R can be used for recursive grant.

  • setfacl -x g:group01 file01 → Removes the acl permission sets to the group01 group on file01.

  • setfacl -b file01 → Blanks (removes all) acl permissions (fall back to classic permissions mode).