Joseph Herlant
version 1.0.1, 2014-06-23 : Adding official documentation & jnbSA reference.
The user that does the bplist must have rights to list the files of the target server!

When the file is backed up using the default netbackup policy, use the following command line on the master server. (Use the -S master_server switch if you want to query another master server)

-b switch is for displaying the date of the backup rather than the date of the file modification.

bplist -b -l -R /path/to/the/file.extension

You also can filter by netbackup client:

bplist -C netbackup_client_used_for_backup -b -l -R /path/to/the/file.extension

If you want to filter by start date, use the -s mm/dd/yyyy [HH:MM:SS] switch:

bplist -C netbackup_client_used_for_backup  -s 06/20/2014 -b -l -R /path/to/the/file.extension

To filter by policy, use:

bplist -C netbackup_client_used_for_backup -t netbackup_policy -b -l -R /path/to/the/file.extension
to have the graphical version, use the /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jnbSA application from the netbackup server.